Posted: August 03, 2021 Tags: Categories: Health, Values

ShaeWellness 30 Day Healthiest Workplace Challenge

Criffel Station Places 7th in ShaeWellness 30 Day Healthiest Workplace Challenge!

By now, we’re all aware that the pandemic has completely changed the workplace. As we slowly enter into the flexible post-pandemic workplace, Criffel Station recognizes that employee wellness will become imperative for organizational success and to ensure our hard-working team have the skillsets needed to thrive.

Accepting this as fact and finding generic solutions is easy. The information out there is endless, the internet is saturated with “10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health” and generic lists supplied by the medical community. And yes we could have taken the easy route and sent out a weekly ‘wellness-check’ email and left it at that, as many other businesses choose to do. But here at Criffel Station, we like to challenge the status quo, to not just fix the immediate problem but to view things holistically and develop strategies that don’t merely maintain but improve – for now and for the future.

This desire to not just survive but to thrive led us to engage Claire Akin-Smith from Applied Movement and sign up to particpate in the 30 Day Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge. Powered by ShaeWellness technology, the challenge aimed to empower employees, employers, and workplaces to activate and support healthy cultures, communities, and conversations about mental and physical health. The ShaeWellness program provides revolutionary HealthTypes™ behaviour + biology profiling framework to deliver digital health and wellness programmes personalised and customised to each individual. (Learn more at

With Applied Movement’s guidance, Criffel Station’s Wellness Challenge experience was more than we could have ever imagined. The learnings provided a metaphorical road map to the healthiest version of ourselves not just at work but in all areas of our lives. Through developing a deeper understanding of ourselves and colleagues – our stresses, motivators, and capabilities we became empowered to become facilitators of change on both a personal and professional level.

It wasn’t easy, true lasting growth never is. But we did it, our combined commitment to prioritizing and improving our mental and physical health and wellness saw Criffel Station move our way up the challenge leader board past hundreds of Australian and New Zealand based companies to place seventh overall. An incredible result but merely icing on the cake, the insights gained and healthy habits established being invaluable. The ShaeWellness app and support from Applied Movement is now part of the Criffel Station workplace and culture permanently. Go team Criffel Station.

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