Warbirds Over Wanaka

Continuing a tradition established over 20 years ago, Criffel Station is thrilled to again work closely with NZMCA members and the local NZMCA branch for Warbirds Over Wanaka 2024. As in previous years, Criffel Station offers exclusive 3-day parking on the Criffel Station Terrace.


Criffel Station is well known for its spectacular views. The elevated Criffel Station Terraces provide one of the best panoramic views of the Wanaka airfield and all the action below and above. However, Criffel Station is a working deer farm, so there are important details to note about our Terrace Parking:

  • Casual access to the terrace is not permitted therefore, all vehicles must be self-sustainable. There are no facilities provided.
  • Access to the airfield from the terrace can be gained via a rough stock track down the face of the terrace and we will also provide shuttle service. However, most guests find the best location to enjoy the airshow is from the raised platform of the terrace.

Criffel Station and Warbirds Over Wanaka are committed to sustainability and minimizing the impact of the airshow on our local environment. Therefore, the sum of $1 will be donated to WAI Wanaka on your behalf by Criffel Station. Subsequently, this amount will be matched $ for $ by the Warbirds Over Wanaka Community Trust. The total raised will go towards local projects that work to protect and enhance Wanaka’s waterways.

Warbirds Over Wanaka
Past & Present

Local aviation entrepreneur Sir Tim Wallis wanted to find a way to share his passion for warbirds and classic aircraft with the public and other aviation fans. Consequently, in 1988, the Warbirds Over Wanaka Airshow came to be, the first airshow and country fair attracting 14,000 visitors to the Wanaka Airport.

As a result of the national interest and local support, Warbirds Over Wanaka soon became a biennial event. In addition to being one of Central Otago’s most popular tourist attractions, Warbirds Over Wanaka is acclaimed as the largest Warbird Airshow in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the world’s top four Warbird Airshows in the world. The 2024 event is expected to attract around 55,000 from around the world over three days.

Warbirds Over Wanaka has an enviable record of attracting other air forces such as the RAAF, USAF and French Air Force, 2024 promises to be no different:

  • The Royal New Zealand Air Force will be present, with other air forces.
  • The event will also see the debut of a rare P-51D Mustang, which has been painstakingly restored over the past couple of years by Brendon Deere at Ohakea.  This aircraft is the last surviving Royal New Zealand Air Force P-51D from WWII.
  • In total, more than 100 aircraft will be on display, from Spitfires and Mustangs to the polished Harvard and Yak display teams. All the aerial action will be backed up by stunning pyrotechnics, set against a backdrop of the majestic Southern Alps.

We look forward to seeing you for what we expect to be another incredible event.


  • Where is the Criffel Station Terrace?

    Criffel Station Terrace is part of Criffel Station, a working deer farm located directly across the road from Wanaka Airport. The site provides incredible views of the airshow. Access to Criffel Station Terrace Parking is about 1km down Mt Barker Road from SH6.

  • What facilities are available on site?

    There are no facilities, water, or toilets on Criffel Station Terrace Parking. You must arrive with full water and empty waste tanks. We also recommend you stock up your pantry, fridge, and freezer. Warbirds Over Wanaka are providing a shuttle service to Wanaka township.

  • Can I book a specific site?

    No, your site is determined by your order of arrival.

  • Can I bring a towing vehicle?

    Yes. Once on the property, Parking Marshals will direct you to your site. If you are towing a vehicle, you will be required to leave it in a designated park as instructed by the Parking Marshal. Please remember, once your motorhome is on-site your motorhome cannot leave during the three days of the Airshow, this includes all towing vehicles (with the exception of an emergency).

  • Can I bring my dog?

    Yes and no. We recommend booking your dog into one of the local kennels for the duration of the airshow. Please remember, Criffel Station is a working deer farm, therefore due to health and safety reasons, Criffel Station does not allow large dogs on site. Small lap dogs (approximately 10kg in weight or 30cm standing - measurements taken from the top of your dog's back to the floor) are okay but only by arrangement, with certain conditions.

    Dogs are to be on a lead at all times. All dog poo is to be picked up.

  • When can we “check-in”?

    To minimise roadside congestion, we will have two times for entrance access: Thursday, 28th March at 2pm and Friday, 29th March at 7am (or as soon as daylight allows). All vehicles must be on site by 10am Friday, 29th March. After which time the gates are closed.

    All motorhomes must park on the Mount Barker side of the gate entrance. Motorhomes cannot park on the Mt Barker Road berm, between Wanaka Airfield and the Criffel Station Terrace access road.

  • When do we need to “check-out”?

    Most vehicles will leave either Sunday, 31st March in the afternoon or Monday morning - all must be gone by 12pm Monday, 1st April 2024. Please remember, once your motorhome is on site your motorhome cannot leave during the three days of the Airshow (with the exception of an emergency).

  • When will we receive our tickets?

    Your booking confirmation will serve as your terrace parking ticket; your tickets have be emailed to you in October 2023.

    To gain admittance to the Criffel Station Terrace, we will require:
    - Terrace Parking booking confirmation
    - 3-Day Pass (for everyone in your vehicle)
    - proof of NZMCA membership

  • Do I need to be a member of the NZMCA?

    Yes. One person within your motorhome during Warbirds must be a member of the NZMCA.

  • Do you offer disabled parking?

    Yes. Please include a note when purchasing your ticket, and bring the disability permit with you on arrival we will ensure that we have a park available.

  • Do I require a ticket to the Airshow to be able to park on the terrace?

    Yes, you must purchase a 3-Day Pass to the Airshow. You will buy your 3-Day Pass via the Criffel Station website while booking your motorhome terrace parking.

    There are three ticket options: Gold Pass, Silver Pass and General Admission. All descriptions outlining the tickets are available at the time of your booking.

  • Can I park on the terraces if I don’t have a motorhome?

    No. All vehicles parked on the terraces are to be motorhomes or caravans and must be a member of NZMCA.

If you have any questions, please email us at warbirds@criffelstation.com.

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