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Good Awaits interviews Criffel Station’s Mandy Bell

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In a time of a global pandemic and climate crisis, tourism world-wide is facing unprecedented uncertainty. To survive tourism businesses must abandon the status quo, reset and reimagine how they operate with the ultimate goal of not just adapting, but adding value to this new world. But how do we do this? In an interview with the Debbie Clarke and Josie Major from the GOOD Awaits podcast, Criffel Station’s Mandy Bell discusses her views on regenerative tourism and the collective way forward. We invite you to listen by clicking here. 

The GOOD Awaits Podcast covers Mandy’s many achievements and how these, in conjunction with her upbringing in rural New Zealand, have influenced how she views regenerative tourism but also how she practices regenerative thinking in every facet of her life. Nature-based Solutions lie at the centre of her belief structure, this is not viewing things in a silo but from a holistic approach – learning from nature and looking at everything as a living system. She challenges everyone to not merely talk about how we want this place to be today, but what we can do to ensure that the community and environment are not the same as today but better.  

In the interview you will hear Mandy discuss the following viewpoints: 

  • It is innovators and early adopters that will push this movement 
  • If we are to create a vision and move at scale and pace, then we need leadership, coordination, and an overarching strategy and commitment to restructure and go forward.  
  • We need formalised vertical and horizontal communication structures to aid the sharing of the best practices.  
  • We don’t need to start from scratch, however. We have models that we can look to. Mandy herself is involved with two incredible examples of this type of work in action: WAO (We Are One) and WAI (Water Action Invitative) 
  • We can learn and borrow a lot from the Primary Sector which faced similar challenges ten years ago when they also had to effectively ‘start over’. From Mandy’s experience with this, she is confident that with courage and embracing the open mindset of innovators and early adopters the Tourism Sector will also survive and thrive. 


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