Land and Life Connected.
Immerse Yourself.

Share our land and our life.

Deeply storied with a prominent location, Criffel Station may seem like just another farm station. But it is so much more.   

Beyond the gate is a family connected to custodianship, community and One Health principles. This is a station that shows land and life, environment and commercial operations can co-exist and thrive.  

We invite you to experience Criffel Station, an operation dedicated to developing sustainable, commercial farming while supporting locals, communities and families.  

Life and Land Connected

How we live is connected to how well we understand the land. Life on the land is layered – every part relies on the health of the other.

We share our life and our land so that others may understand too.

Immerse Yourself

Our land is beautiful, faceted and storied. Explore the history. Explore the Land.

Criffel Station is one of Central Otago’s hidden gems and invites you to explore, taste and learn all that this working deer farm has to offer.

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