Our Ethos

One Health

Life at Criffel Station, like many rural blocks in New Zealand, has changed significantly in the last 15 years. We are constantly looking to adapt our deer farming and business practices to meet the challenges of a changing world in a sustainable way.

Farming and the communities around us face a multitude of challenges — climate change, environmental and water quality and availability, consumer preferences and disruptive technologies are all on the table.

The pace of change in technology with the production of alternative proteins is creating uncertainty of how the future looks for NZ’s primary sector and we are fortunate to be able to diversify the business and link this diversification closely to the property.

Our One Health philosophy — a healthy environment, healthy animals and healthy people — includes a focus on sustainability for future generations, allowing ongoing enhancement and enjoyment of the land.

One Health describes the collaboration of varied disciplines working together to provide optimal health of water, environment, animals and people.

For Criffel, that means farming animals in a sustainable way, while adding value to our agricultural products, and hosting people in a way that is in harmony with a pristine natural environment.

We want people to come to Criffel to experience and enjoy panoramic views of the Upper Clutha, authentic country style and friendly hosting for an hour, a day or longer.

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